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What type of website is this is an automated drop shipping WordPress website. All the products listed on LAK Store are from AliExpress suppliers. AliDropship plugin has been installed on the website making it easy as ever to list products from AliExpress onto the website.

What is Dropshipping?

In short drop shipping is when you advertise a product that someone else is selling on your own website for a profit. An example of this is Lee finds a product on AliExpress for £2 and advertises that products on his own website for £5. When a customer buys the product from Lee’s website, Lee will then go onto AliExpress and pay the £2 for the product making sure he enters the customer delivery address into the order. 

The supplier then ships the product to the customer on behalf of Lee and Lee keeps the profit that is made.

So there is no need to keep any inventory at home or in an office meaning you can run this website from anywhere in the world.

How much revenue is the website currently making?

The latest sale was on the 8th of February for £65. The profit made from the sale was £25. LAK Store has made a number of sales prior to this but at the beginning of 2020 I changed the theme of the website and also changed the hosting provider so this data has been lost.

Prior to the changes, LAK Store was making £50 profit each month.

How can you increase the sales of the product on this website?

For quick sales, you can increase sales by posting regularly on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and running paid ads on Facebook. You can also set up a Google shopping campaign. 

Alternatively for a slower way and more organic way you can write blog posts and comment on other people’s blogs who are advertising similar products to what’s on here making sure you add a link in your comment to LAK Store product page.

Age of the domain

2 years. The domain was purchased on GoDaddy.


How many backlinks does it have

5000 Total Moz Backlinks


What type of products are listed on the website

Toys – Animals, Vehicles, Baby Dolls, Musical, Montessori Toys, and Electric Scooters 


How much does the website cost to run

Per year around $25, this is taking into account the cost of domain renewal and hosting plan renewal


Is the price final?

I am open to negotiate. If you would like to make me an offer please do so by sending me a message via the contact us form at the bottom of this page.

How much after-sales support will I receive?

3 months of after-sales support. Any questions that you have you can contact us via the contact us form or via our Facebook page @thewebsiteseller

How do I receive payments from customers?

I currently use PayPal and Stripe which enables customers to use debit and credit cards. You can also set up a direct bank transfer.

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