ElmerTheElephant.COM Premium Domain Worth Over $2000 Built On WordPress & Loaded With The Best Dropshipping Products

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WordPress Dropship Store, Premium Domain Earn Up To 5k/Month

ElmerTheElephant.COM Premium Domain Worth Over $1000 Built On WordPress & Loaded With The Best Dropshipping Products

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Here is a unique opportunity to quit your job and make a full-time income running your own online dropshipping store.

  • Premium 1-Year-Old Domain Name (first registered in 2019) Valued at $2,200
  • Easy To Manage Automated Dropshipping Store
  • Built on WordPress the World’s Best Ecommerce Platform.
  • Lots of Hot Selling Products

This business is perfect for beginners…

  • You don’t need ANY coding skills
  • The site is built with WordPress to make it easy to manage
  • No need to find suppliers, it’s all done for you
  •  Dropshipping store, so no need to handle any products

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an e-commerce business model where you don’t have to keep any products in stock.

As a dropshippers, when you sell a product, you buy it from a third party and it gets shipped directly to your customer. 

This means that you never have to handle the product, making it a very easy process. 

What makes dropshipping the perfect business model? 

There Is No Need To Invest In Stock

Unlike running a standard e-commerce store, with dropshipping, you don’t need to invest thousands of dollars in stock. Because you only buy a product once your customers have placed an order, there is no chance that you will be left with lots of unsold stock.

There Are Millions Of Products To Choose From

As a dropshipper you are able to offer a far wider range of different products because you don’t have to buy them in advance. This means that there is no limit to how many different products you can sell. 

There Is Far Less Risk Involved

Because you don’t have to invest any money on buying stock, you aren’t going to find yourself with lots of unsold items that you have paid for. 

You Can Concentrate On Promoting Your Store

Because you don’t have to worry about sourcing products and buying stock, you can concentrate all of your efforts on finding new customers and making more sales, therefore making more money.

You Run Your Store From Anywhere

As a dropshipper you don’t need a warehouse because you don’t have to fulfill your orders yourself, so you can run your business from a laptop anywhere that you can get an internet connection. This leaves you free to travel where you like and enjoy the “laptop lifestyle” as an entrepreneur.

It’s Very Easy To Scale & Grow Your Business

Dropshipping is one of the easiest business models to scale up because all of the reasons above, and the training that I am including as a special bonus will show you exactly how to maximize your income to seven figures.

What You Are Getting…

  • Premium domain name valued by EstiBot at $2,200
  • Easy to manage website (no coding skills needed)
  • Complete done-for-you store with lots of products preloaded
  • The option to add thousands of extra products with just 1 click
  • Automated order fulfillment and product sync
  • Process all your orders with one click.
  • Website optimized for fast loading to give the best customer experience
  • Elegant responsive store theme compatible with ALL devices
  • Mobile commerce ready store
  • Professional logo design
  • All website content and graphics
  • Functional contact page
  • Full support to get your store up and running



How does the business generate revenue? 

All of the products listed on the site are sold for a profit between 50% and 100%, depending on the type of item. You can set your prices at whatever amount you like.

How much time will running this business take up?

The time you spend on this business is entirely up to you. The store is ready to start processing transactions immediately, so even if you only spend a few minutes a day on it you could start getting orders. On the other hand, if you want to make this to a full-time business, there is no limit to how far you can scale up your income. The step-by-step training I am including as a special bonus will teach you everything you need to know to maximize your profits.

Is it possible to add new products from different suppliers? 

Yes, you can add as many different suppliers as you like, including products from AliExpress, Amazon, and Importify. 

Why am I selling this store?

I am a full-time Internet marketer who owns a lot of different websites and online stores. Due to my other business commitments, I don’t currently have the time required to dedicate to this store, so I am looking for a quick sale. 

As the new owner, all of the hard work has been done for you including niche analysis, product research, site development, graphic design and acquiring a premium domain name. After purchase, the domain and store will be fully transferred to you.

What can the new owner do to develop this business?

  • Add more products from different suppliers
  • Build up the brand using social media
  • Drive traffic through Facebook, Google & Instagram ads
  • Experiment with pricing to maximize profits
  • Offer discount coupons and other promotions
  • Add a blog or more content to the site to get organic traffic from Google
  • Implement the methods outlined in the step-by-step training (included in sale price)

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us using the form below



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